Khalid Freeman is from Detroit, MI but was raised around the world due to being the son of a military family. This proved to be a natural introduction to tour life. As a performer, he toured with Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil where he starred as a featured character and dancer. To date, he’s done over 12 tours in 15 years of professional dancing covering all 50 US states and 33 countries.

Khalid also performed over the course of 9 years with the hit Off Broadway show Stomp which he says is the most fun and challenging show ever. He was part of the original cast of Stomp out Loud in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood and was part of Theta Nu Theta fraternity in the smash hit movie Stomp the Yard. He is also in a Band of body percussionists called “Molodi” which is his pride and joy.

Khalid found his inner rhythm through the absence of a drum even though his father is a professional drummer, he never gave him a drum set of his own therefore he learned how to make his body his instrument and now he’s recognized as one of the best Steppers and body percussionists in the industry today.

He understands that giving back is his duty to this art form and you will see him teaching and spreading his gift around the world. 

Other credits include:
Eminem, LXD, Ellen Degeneres, Jay Leno, Latin Grammys, Hip Hop International judge, MC Hammer, Rob Base, Vanilla Ice, Drum Off finals, Young Americans, Arthur, LA Carnival (Best of DVD), Step Afrika, Black Belt (Isshin Ryu and Tae Kwon Do)